My daughter who was married in April 2013 and residing in the ground floor of the in-law's house given by father in law, is being troubled by the boy's step mother to vacate the house. She is also giving her threats whenever the boy goes for night shifts. My daughter is also working for a bank in Bangalore. I understand that my daughter can file Domestic Violence against the step mother and also father in law since of late he is also supporting the step mother. The property is in the name of father-in-law singly but financial support was given by the grand parents of the boy and deceased mother of the boy who was doing tailoring and running tuitions and kidshome. Kindly also let me know what is this "Right of Residence for the Daughter-in-law in her In-laws' house. Any other support my daughter can get through any law kindly advise to get rid of the torture of this step mother in law.



File a criminal complaint against the In laws for 498A IPC in the nearest CAW cell. Also file a complaint u/s 12 of the DV Act. against the in laws. You may also drop a detailed query at [email protected]
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