Mom in CA. Dad in NV. Mom has 60/40 custody of 14 yr old with dad paying monthly child support. Also involved is a 19 yr old college student. Student is loving with mom and mom claims all kids as dependents. 19 yr old needed to file applications for 3rd yr of college grants and loans. Mom refused to fill out income and child support portions of the application. Student was denied financial aid due to mom's incomplete info. Mom knew this and still refused to disclose info. Dad is now stuck paying tuition, room/board, parking and books....all of which would have been covered by grants and loans. Does dad have any recourse?


A 19 year old is not entitled to child support laws. Unless your marital settlement agreement outlines that you would provide support to the child beyond 18 years of age, then the financial support of the child's college is dependent on the parents individually. There is no law requiring college support of a 19 year child.

For self represented individuals you can consult with the family law facilitator self help center at your local court house.

As always please consult a local attorney prior to taking legal action. Good luck. Also please check out my Santa Clara County Family Lawyer blog.

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