I am a 25 year old married mother of 3. My husband and I recently decided to keep our children away from my mother and her husband due to certain lifestyle choices they made and had exposed our children to that could be potentially dangerous to the children. She's since started to harass us by phone and showing up at my door multiple times. She's shown up at my son's school. She's gone so far as to call child protective services (unfounded/case closed because the charges were completely bogus). She is now saying she's going to take me to court, I'm not quite sure for what but I would assume grandparents rights or some sort of visitation. What are the chances that she'll get something? Is this something that I'm going to need a lawyer for or can I handle it myself?


It is very hard for grandparents to get forced visitation when both parents are alive and fit. However, don't wait for her to act. Moreover, if you ask her to stop contacting you and she refuses, file a protective order in court noting her unwanted contact.


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